Summer COMPASS is back!

Our three sites – Asian Studies Academy, Burns Latino Studies Academy, and Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy – will host an amazing array of fun, educational activities.

Space is limited, register today!

The details:

Theme: STEAM {Science | Engineering | Arts | Math}

Activities: Vary by site, but will include plenty of hands-on activities as well as weekly pool and field trips.  Trips may include a visit to Roger Williams Zoo, Brownstone Amusement Park, and other area attractions.

Cost: $30.00-$50.00; cost varies by site

Location: Asian Studies Academy | Burns Latino Studies Academy | Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy

Dates: July 10-August 4th

Time: Daily | Directly after summer school

{Parents, please check with your COMPASS program coordinator to determine start times if your student does not plan on attending the morning summer school portion}

For Additional Information + Summer Application: https://compassyc.orghome/for-youth-and-families/what-families-should-know/summer-program/