To ensure that our work is making a difference in the lives of the youth we serve, we rigorously track our performance and outcomes.


of our youth engaged in Community-Based programming show reduced engagement in violent/risky behavior.


of youth participating in our School-Based programming increase their knowledge of healthy behaviors to avoid/reduce risky behaviors.


of youth participating in School-Based programming improve school attendance.


of youth participating in School-Based programming have reduced their behavior referrals and suspensions.

COMPASS measures youth on four domains:

  • Positive environment and relationships
  • Positive choices and learning
  • Positive identity and purpose
  • Positive consciousness and action

For each domain, we created ladders, measurements and activities. We continuously measure our youth on these ladders to ensure they are moving towards the desired outcomes.

We know we are making progress towards our mission when the youth we serve reach the desired long-term outcomes:

  1.  Engaged in or completed school
  2.  Employed
  3.  Healthy relationships outside COMPASS
  4.  Living Violence Free (no new criminal justice involvement and no use of physical violence)

Navigator Case Management System

COMPASS “Navi,” our Case Management System gives Peacebuilders access to real-time data wherever they are.

Navi pairs a custom app with Zoho CRM, allowing Peacebuilders to access details about every interaction they have with youth, report on youth development, and respond in real-time to changes in a young person’s life. Navi provides a dashboard for every young person in our program, showing progress toward weekly engagement goals.