Our mission.

COMPASS Youth Collaborative connects with high-risk youth wherever they are in the City of Hartford. We engage them in relationships to provide supports and opportunities that help them become ready, willing and able to succeed in education, employment and life.

We have a vision for our youth: All youth in our community feel secure, live peacefully and have the opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our values guide our work.


We are resilient, we guide our youth to build resiliency so they can overcome obstacles and reach their goals.


We promote practices that create peace in ourselves, in our youth and in our community.


We are relentless in helping our youth overcome challenges. We will not stop until our young people have the skills they need to thrive.


We demonstrate integrity by staying focused on our mission. We are transparent with stakeholders and are ethical in all our activities.


We seek out and work with community partners to provide the best resources and opportunities for the young people we serve; we are strong partners with our youth and in our community.