The COMPASS Junior Peacebuilders is set to serve youth in the Hartford neighborhoods of Asylum Hill and Frog Hollow, thanks to a $25,000 grant from The Hartford, a $10,000 grant from Hartford Hospital, and an $8,000 grant from Asylum Hill Congregational Church.

Large Hartford Logo JpegThe Hartford’s $25,000 award will focus largely on South Marshal Street, in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, while the Hartford Hospital grant will support outreach to Frog Hollow. Carlos Gonzalez, the Program Advisor, and Mileika Arroyo, the Program Assistant, are leading the Asylum Hill cohort. Mr. Gonzalez formerly worked as a COMPASS Peacebuilder, and Ms. Arroyo recently received her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from Central Connecticut State University.

The COMPASS Junior Peacebuilders program began in 2008, to identify and train young leaders. To date, it has served over 55 young people. Participants are trained in conflict resolution, life and employment skills, and empowered through community service projects and paid internships. In turn, these young leaders multiply the voices communicating nonviolent alternatives to their peers and community.

“We are very grateful to The Hartford, Asylum Hill Congregational Church, and the Asylum Hill neighborhood for their continued support of this program, and to Hartford Hospital for expanding more outreach to Frog Hollow,” notes COMPASS Chief Executive Officer Bob Pawloski. “The Junior Peacebuilders is a cornerstone of our work with youth, and we could not be more pleased to see this program develop.”

Special thanks to Immanuel Congregational Church for their continued support of COMPASS Junior Peacebuilders.

Photo credit: Julie Burbank